Masters of Budo: The Interviews (Paperback)

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Interviews with leading Instructors, founders and experts of traditional Martial arts of Japan, including Aikido, Karate, Judo, Kendo, Kenjutsu, Shorinji Kempo, Naginata. The interviews, complete and uncut, have not been published until today. This definitive reference book, Masters of Budo, contains 325 pages of unabridged interviews, with behind the scenes stories and packed with photographs.

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Paperback. 6×9 inches. 325 pages

Soft cover paperback edition with color matt laminated cover. Interior high quality paper and black and white photographs. 325 pages.


Interviews with leading Instructors, founders and experts of traditional martial arts of Japan. Film director Jon Braeley spent over twenty years traveling across Japan, recording interviews with legendary figures in the martial arts of Aikido, Karate, Judo, Kendo, Kenjutsu, Shorinji Kempo, Naginata, including Moriteru Ueshiba, Tsuneo Ando (Aikido), Morio Higaonna, Mikio Yahara (Karate), Naoki Murata (Judo), Tsunehiro Arai, Kazuhiro Kawashima (Shorinji Kempo), Alexander Bennett, Hiroshi Ozawa (Kendo) Otake Rizuke (Tenshin Shōden Katori Shintō-ryū) and many more. The editor of Black Belt Magazine said of the author, "Jon Braeley makes the best martial arts documentaries in the World."

The interviews, complete and uncut, have not been published until now. Each legendary figure share their personal history and practice, their philosophy of martial arts and life, that will inspire every reader to reach a deeper understanding of what it means to spend a life dedicated to martial arts. This definitive reference book, Masters of Budo: The Interviews, contains 325 pages with behind the scenes stories by the author, and includes almost 200 black and white photographs.

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Paperback soft cover with color Matt laminated cover. Black and white print interiors. High quality paper. 325 pages. Size 6×9 inches


325 Pages


200 black and white Photographs




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7 reviews for Masters of Budo: The Interviews (Paperback)

  1. L.J.Butler

    Beautifully designed, well bound, chocked full of fabulous insights from his interview subjects, and supplemented with loads (300 or so) of photographs to fuel us visual types. As with his documentary films, Mr. Braeley is a masterful storyteller in words and images, and those qualities shine through in his book. At over 300 pages it is still a nicely packaged, easy to handle and portable volume. And aside from the aesthetics, the content makes this without a doubt a unique and valuable addition to Japanese martial arts literature and history. Highly recommend that if you don’t have a copy, go get one today (Amazon). Also, visit Empty Mind Films and get a preview of the additional books planned for this “Masters” series, which compliment many of the existing (FABULOUS!) documentary films produced by Mr. Brealey. This is a “must have”!

  2. Marty Quintana

    Great story telling! A must for martial arts lovers! If martial arts is your thing, you must get this greatly-written book full of fantastic interviews.

  3. Client d’Amazon

    Jon Braeley has spent decades traveling around Asia to film great masters of various martial arts, a journey that culminated with the acclaimed “Warriors of Budo” series, shot in Japan and Okinawa.
    “Masters of Budo: The Interviews” distills the essential historical and philosophical elements of the series into a well-thought text supplemented by numerous pictures.

  4. robert boyd

    The book is a joy from start to finish each interview is masterfully done and leaves you wanting to know more from each subject. A book I will not only read again but use for reference often.

  5. Wohlfeld

    Martial arts through the eyes of the Masters. This book is unique in that it portrays the reality and specific characteristics of traditional martial arts and the minds of the Masters behind these arts.
    This narrative of the Masters and their input into the arts as wonderfully communicated in this excellent book was invaluably inspirational to me as a traditional karateka.

  6. Daria Bricier

    Incredible book with amazing interviews. A must read!

  7. mariannszucs

    Get ready to be transported into the world of martial arts Loved reading the stories of old masters and young apprentices alike! The book offers an intimate view into the worlds of some of the most skilled practitioners of various martial art forms. The book is a superb companion to the documentary films of similar subjects that preceded it.

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