Hitting the YouTube Algorithm… 32 Million Views and Counting!
Written by: Emptymind
May 30, 2023

Posted May 11th. 32.8 Million views in 19 days.

This is a follow up to our last post about YouTube “If You Can’t Beat Them…” Though we are not a big fan of the vertical mobile phone format, we do like the shorts on YouTube and it’s given our channel on the video platform a huge boost! As a result we have been posting videos to YouTube on a much more regular basis, as often as three or four videos per week.

After a few weeks testing our new YouTube strategy we now post just one long form video, that is, a plus five minute video, one each week on a Sunday morning. Followed by a 30 second to 60 second short video.

362,000 Subscribers and Counting…

Our following, meaning our subscriber count on YouTube is where we have see the most dramatic changes. Currently we are experiencing a growth of 6,000 new subscribers every day… you read correctly!! In fact in the last seven days we added over 60,000 new subscribers, yes in just one week.

What this means is we can showcase traditional martial arts to a new audience and it appears they really like what we do. Many of the new visitors to our channel are also new to the martial arts we love, Japanese and Chinese and South-East Asia. So please head over to our YouTube channel and check out what we are doing… bye for now.