The Immortal Path in Streaming Deal
Written by: Emptymind
Mar 2, 2018
With so many ways to watch movies and listen to music nowadays, the problem is for these new platforms to find good content. It seems there is a new way to watch a movie almost every week. For filmmakers this can be a good thing. As Michael Eisner (Ex CEO of Walt Disney) once said “Content is king”… meaning that regardless of how a movie is delivered to the consumer, good content is key. This brings us to news of our recent film, The Immortal Path.

This has led to a number of online streaming platforms. The most obvious and the largest by a mile, is Netflix. However Netflix is in the blockbuster business of delivering popular entertainment. It is not serving small niche markets. A market that would fit our documentaries. So when a global media company picks up your movie it’s good news. This just happened with our recent release, The Immortal Path. U.S. based streaming service Gaia is a subscription based entertainment company just like Netflix or Hulu. However it serves niche communities with varied interests in what is happening around the world. Especially an audience interested in living in harmony with the planet and educating their family. This press release gives more details.

Gaia calls it “conscious media”

We applaud Gaia’s mission. We hope more streaming entertainment companies use their platform to offer mindful movies that leave us understanding more about this world. Gaia calls it “conscious media.” The internet and television have now converged. More and more platforms stream content into your living room. Let’s make sure this is content we want. The Immortal Path is the first of our movies picked up by Gaia and we understand they are going to ink a deal on A Fighters Journey, A Natural Way and One Shot. One Life.

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