Master Di Guoyong: Xingyi Quan, Beijing


Master Di Guoyong is a legendary Beijing Wushu master and the World’s leading authority on the internal martial art of Xingyi Quan and Bagua Zhang. Runtime: 17 Minutes.

Master Di Guoyong is one of the most highly regarded martial arts masters in China, and a founder of the Beijing Xingyiquan Association and ranked 7th dan by the Chinese Wushu Association. He has published numerous articles and books and DVD titles as well as traveling overseas to conduct seminars.

This episode in our Masters Series features Master Di Guoyong teaching a Xingyi Quan class in Beijing in 2014 and he is accompanied by one of his close students, Byron Jacobs. Xingyi Quan, Bagua Zhang and Tai Chi are generally categorized as an Internal Style of Wushu or Nei Jia Quan, which share the Chinese concepts of Yin and Yang and the five elements. The forms of Xingyi Quan are based on the 12 animal, including Dragon, Tiger, Rooster, Monkey, to name a few. Like most Chinese martial arts, Xingyi Quan is associated with a weapon, in this case, the spear. Basic Xingyi Quan practice usually contains Santishi or Trinity posture as its basic training, and the five main fist techniques of Piquan (Splitting Fist), Zuanquan (Drilling Fist), Bengquan (Crushing Fist), Paoquan (Cannon Fist) and Hengquan (Crssing Fist).

As it's name suggests (Xingyi - Form-Intention), Xingyi Quan places great emphasis on the mind. Focusing movement and the mind together with 'intention.' Movement is mostly linear in a straight line using the whole-body to produce explosive, coordinated power in an attack. Major benefits of training in Xingyi Quan include increased energy and blood circulation and a calm, focused mind. At the end of class, master Di Guoyong shares his health exercises with his students to promote these benefits.

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