Talking with Buddha

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A  journey among Tibetan Buddhist monasteries to seek guidance from some of the great Lamas of Buddhism, including His Holiness the 17th Karmapa. All this and more against a backdrop of Himalaya mountains and the rythmic chanting of morning prayers.

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If you wish to improve your mental health and find lasting happiness then let our movie Talking with Buddha show you the way. For we are told that Buddhism is an inner science for the mind and can be used to turn your negative mind into a positive one. This and many more words of wisdom in Talking with Buddha offer clear explanations of Buddhist philosophy. Without religious undertones, this documentary offers a refreshingly direct and simple insight into living a Dharma life and understanding Tibetan Buddhism. For most lay persons, it is a mysterious faith, yet Tibetan Buddhism offers us a doorway to happiness and peace through which everyone can enter regardless of race or color. Talking with Buddha offers a rare opportunity to witness the long hours of prayer and study of Samsara that leads to greater reward and enlightenment. This documentary is not all sweetness and honey however as tensions soar high when Tibetan refugees hold demonstrations to cancel the New Year holiday (Losar) in protest at recent arrests of monks by the Chinese in Tibet.

One of the most recent and well known refugees His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa offers us guidance on keeping a family together and a glimpse into his close relationship with His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama. A remarkable interview with Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, a leading Buddhist nun who was herself the subject of the award winning book, “A cave in the snow.” Her insight into the ‘quick-fix’ society we live in, will hit you like a baseball bat. This documentary will enlighten you about a religion that is often seen as mysterious and almost always misunderstood - Tibetan Buddhism.

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7 reviews for Talking with Buddha

  1. Dianne Siebold

    It gives a beautiful collage of Tibetan Buddhism. It doesn’t try to solve any problems or make any major points, just gives a glimpse or overall feeling of the teachings. I also liked that it discussed nuns and their activities and also had interviews with the Karmapa. There are quite a few long sections in the film that are un-narrated scenes, which I found quite wonderful to just observe and feel – Inspiring.

  2. Robert Bartlett

    I really enjoyed the cinematography. The teachings are sparse, but there is incredible footage of temples and monastaries in India. It’s a very visual movie–maybe the Buddha really was doing the talking. The dralas did all the talking. The visual depiction of Tibetan Buddhist acitivities in India was the strength. There was an incredible moment where the Karmapa, who is the supreme teacher of the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, declared himself the student of the Dalai Lama. Formely, the Karmapa might have been seen as a rival to the Dalai Lama. The Karmapa showed that even at a young age he is a wise, generous, and compassionate leader. The Karmapa and the Kagyus might be the world’s best hope for preserving the precious wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism. I think Tibetan Buddhists will really enjoy this movie–it’s like a family reunion.

  3. Spiritwynd

    Beautiful in every the Dharma expressed in this film! Have already watched this many times..time to purchase so I can have this jewel available when I need a ‘pleasant’ reminder of what is most important.

  4. Cyble McFarland

    Visually stunning, not overwhelming with buddhist doctrine. it was good to hear from a buddhist nun about the treatment of feminine chelas.

  5. Jonna L Hancock

    The movie gives good insight into Buddhism.

  6. T. Chen

    Realistic depiction of Tibetan Buddhism. Although the teaching wasn’t very deep or broad, it did strike inspiration thoughts.

  7. Koaster Kid

    This film is stunningly beautiful, filled with the truth and purity of the Buddhist path, as taught by the great Masters, including the 17th Karmapa. Anyone with even a passing interest in understanding Buddhist philosophy will benefit from this endeavor. Well laid-out, and beautifully filmed, this DVD belongs in any collection. If I could have rated it more than 5 stars, I truly would have.

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