A Fighters Journey


When Jonathan Brookins was named the Ultimate Fighter after winning the 12th Season UFC Finale, he was about to face a much tougher opponent… himself. A Fighters Journey is a story of great courage. The courage to take the toughest path.

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By 2008 Jonathan Brookins was already a seasoned fighter, having faced UFC champion Jose Aldo. His good looks, golden dreadlocks and sharp intellect, made him a fight fan favorite.  But when Brookins was crowned the Ultimate Fighter after winning the 12th Season UFC Finale, what is fans didn't know is that he was facing a much tougher opponent outside the cage... himself. This is A Fighters Journey featuring Jonathan Brookins

Drugs and alcohol together with an eating disorder had taken it’s toll on Brookins. After suffering back to back defeats, in early 2013 he announces his retirement from the UFC to move to India and practice Yoga. “My body told me to shape up now or I’m not going to last that long. I knew I needed to fight one more time to get the money to go to India”. Once in India, Jonathan was alone and ready to face the truth: “The problem with running away is that you always run into yourself. My addictions will not go away just because I am in India.” Jonathan began the slow journey to cleanse his body and mind with a strict Indian vegan diet, Ayurvedic detoxes and cleansing. Each day would be spent in yoga practice and meditation. “I have a lot to fight for if I want to get back in the UFC.”

As the deep orange sun sets over the Indian ocean, Jonathan reflects on the fights he won and lost…“My opponent being myself has been tougher than anyone else I have ever fought.” Regardless of wether you practice martial arts or yoga, or you are just a fan of UFC or MMA, this documentary will touch your heart. It takes great courage to walk down a new path and meet your enemy, especially when that enemy is yourself.

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