"These movies are a masterpiece! Excellent Budo! My compliments to you.

Robert Sant Anna. JKA, Asst Chief Instructor, Brazil

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How do I register?

Registration takes place during the order process. At the checkout you will be asked for a user ID (your email address) and to choose a password. Please make a careful note of your password. The user ID and password is required for you to login and visit your account page. Without your login information you cannot download your movies. 

How Do I Order?

After you select a movie to buy, you can choose between download or DVD. The download allows you to watch the movie immediately whereas you will need to wait for DVD to be shipped to you. Be careful to make the correct choice as we cannot refund downloads or DVD orders due to piracy concerns. DVD is a format which is being slowly phased out (like the compact disc) and we may not be making DVD available by the end of 2021. We accept all major credit cards or PayPal payments.

Choosing Download

We want to help you to download your movie. Make sure you have a stable internet connection. This is more important than speed. If the connection is interrupted use a browser which can resume the download after interruption. You can download your movie up to a maximum 10 times during a six month period from purchase. Do not download to mobile devices or phones. Phones and tablets can mistake the movie download as a streaming file and when you watch the movie, you may be downloading the file again without realizing it. Use a desktop computer or laptop and save the download movie to your drive. If you do use a mobile device to download, then immediately transfer the movie to a drive for safekeeping or import into iTunes or a media player.

Almost all of our movies are high quality 1080p HD movies and are about 2Gb to 2.5Gb file size. They are based on Quicktime format. IMPORTANT: Treat your movie file like a DVD or any other product you buy online, and keep it safe. We cannot replace lost movies that are over six months old. We recommend importing the movie into your movie player, like iTunes so you do not lose it.

Choosing DVD

Our DVD’s are in a worldwide region-free format and will play in every country. We cannot guarantee delivery if your address is incomplete or incorrect so please check your address carefully. International orders are shipped via airmail and may pass through customs, so please allow time for delivery. If an order is not delivered contact your nearest customs office and post office before contacting us. We can only replace a missing DVD with a HD download digital movie. Our DVD discs are produced to a very high accuracy by one of the largest manufacturers in the USA and checked before they are shipped. We are not responsible for wear and tear, so clean the disc carefully and avoid scratching the surface. Please check your DVD player if you need to change any settings. In some cases you may have to select NTSC format instead of PAL. Should a DVD disc not play correctly please contact us and we will resolve the issue. In this case we will offer a HD digital download version of the movie free of charge. Please note that we do not give refunds for DVD purchases.

Shipping & Delivery?

If you order DVD format there are shipping costs. Shipping and postage rates are changing all the time so please refer to your checkout cart for the shipping cost to your location or postbox. Note that you save money the more DVD’s you order at one time. All DVD’s are shipped via first class USPS mail within the United States and flat rate charge for international orders via airmail.

My DVD did not arrive?

If you ordered DVD format and your DVD’s have not arrived please be patient. Allow three to four weeks for orders to the UK or Europe and longer to Asia and South America. There are some steps you can take to yourself. First check your shipping address was correct with a zip code or postal code and correct country name. Check that your order is not being held up with customs by visiting your local post office. Contact us for your shipping details and tracking number if one is available.

What About Subtitles?

All our movies carry English subtitles where required. When characters are speaking Chinese or Japanese for example, English subtitles will appear. We also have a limited selection of movies in Spanish and Portuguese, but as a small independent producer we are unable to pursue other languages.


We accept all major credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discovery Card. We also accept Paypal payments. Your transaction is processed on secure servers and your information is protected and shielded. Payments are made to Empty Mind Films LLC. Your payment information is processed by Stripe, the leading online credit card merchant with a secure online payment gateway. This transaction does not occur on our servers and we do not store your financial information on our website.

Can I get a Refund?

Due to piracy concerns we cannot offer refunds on downloads wether partial or complete or on DVD’s. It is not possible for us to know if you received the movie, so we must have this no-refund policy in place. Of course there are exceptions and we treat every request with merit. You have six months from the purchase date to download the movie and we suggest you store the download file on a hard-drive or import into iTunes. (Do not download to mobile devices). Treat the download file like a physical DVD… we cannot replace this if you lose it without a charge. All movies are for personal use only within your residence and it is illegal to share movies or transfer them to networks outside your home.

Copyright and the Law

In recent years, international laws have been strengthened to stop piracy and illegal copying of films. We applaud this move as a respect for the work and substantial financial risks that we take. Without copyright laws, we cannot continue to produce our films. Our films are licensed for single person private viewing in the home. If you have friends who wish to watch our films please encourage them to buy their own copy and this funds future movies. If you wish to show our films in a college or university (classroom), or lending library we require you to purchase a license for public performance. To order movies with a public performance license please contact us. No copying in full or part is allowed and no distribution by digital means is allowed. This includes any part of the movie uploaded to the internet. Should you wish to use a video clip or trailer please contact us. We are very open to sharing our work, which is better than it being stolen. You will also have good karma. Remember it is illegal to copy or share a movie.

Privacy & Security

We value your security and privacy. This site is part of the strongest security network as requested by major banks and credit card processors. It is constantly monitored for a strong safe environment and protected by a SSL secure connection. We do not store any financial information on our local servers and neither does our hosting company. Your credit card information is encrypted and only used to verify payment by our bank and card processor and it is then deleted. This means you have to input your card information at each visit or purchase but that is a more secure sytem than having your card information retained. We think you prefer our extra security. See our Privacy Policy below.

As a customer when you checkout to complete your purchase, you consent to receive our newsletter or any special offers, via email. We make sure we do not send spam or share your information to others. We also restrict our email campaigns to you, to keep any intrusion to a minimum. You can unsubscribe from our list at anytime just by using the link in one of our email newsletters or by contacting us directly.

We use physical, technical and organizational measures designed to protect your information against unauthorized access, theft and loss. We restrict access to your personal information and use it only to service your account or perform account job functions.

Our e-commerce store is guarded behind a secure encrypted firewall using https protocols. This is designed to keep your transactions secure. Your credit card information is sent directly to our card processor, Stripe. No financial data or transactions are stored on our own servers.

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