Warriors of Budo: Aikido

Featuring Japan’s top masters of the martial art of harmony

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Martial Arts of Japan

Karate. Aikido. Judo. Jujutsu. Kendo. Koryu. Iaido. Naginata. Jodo. Tankendo. Jukendo. Shorinji Kempo. Kyudo.

Martial Arts of China + SE

Wushu. Tai Chi Chuan. Shaolin Kungfu. Wing Chun. Xingyi. Bagua. Yichuan. Wudangquan. Modern Arnis. Silat

Mind + Body

Buddhism. Zen. Taoism. Acupuncture. Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ayurveda. GiGong. Daoyin. Meditation. Yoga.

"The World's Best Martial Arts Documentaries"

Editor, Black Belt Magazine

The Immortal Path: The Tao of Tai Chi Chuan

Discover the Martial Arts of Wudang Mountain with our guide, Grandmaster Zhong Yun Long

The Immortal Path

"I have every film made by Empty Mind. They are the gold standard in Martial Arts documentaries."

Steven Williamson, BC. Canada


A Samurai Summer… with a book

A Samurai Summer… with a book

A SAMURAI SUMMER is forecast… ! Some news on our first book… we hope to release our book, Masters of Budo at the end of July. Almost 300 pages and packed with photographs and anecdotes.