Trailer: The Empty Mind

The Empty Mind
Our classic signature documentary. Here is what the editor of Black Belt Magazine had to say: “I must say I was impressed. Professionally filmed in Japan and China, it profiles practitioners of Aikido, Karate, Kendo, Kyudo, Shaolin Kingfu, Tai Chi and Wushu as they plied their trade in the dojos and tournaments. On a personal note, this documentary rekindled my fire for the Asian ways of combat.”

The Empty Mind documentary is a historical journey that begins where it should… the birthplace of the martial arts, Shaolin Temple and ends at the Budokan in Tokyo, Japan. Over two years in the making, this is an epic account of today’s top martial arts teachers and the mind connection that exists between them regardless of their very diverse styles.Taking a giant leap from the traditional martial arts of Japan to Chinese kungfu may seem improbable but the connection is much closer than you may think, especially in the daily practice. As we weave our story between the two countries and the various martial arts you begin to realize that the teachers in our interviews often overlap and repeat each others words… though they may be generations apart and thousands of miles from each other, in spirit and philosophy they are the same. “We try to see the origin of ourselves, not just Chinese, American or Japanese but as a being that is part of the universe” says Warrior Monk ShiDeRu of the Shaolin Temple… “The emptiness of the mind is linked to the body’s energy that is colorless… it’s nothingness.” To illustrate the mind-body connection we take you into the daily practice of each martial art. You will step inside the Aikido Headquarters in Japan and the JKA and JKS Shotokan Karate Honbu Dojos to experience the daily training. Witness the power of bushido as you sit ringside at the Japan Kendo Championships or the zen concentration of the archer in the Japan Kyudo championships.

Through interviews and intimate filming of their daily training, you will experience the philosophical and physical elements that unite all great masters of the martial arts. We show you why the mind-body connection plays such an important role in martial arts. “We describe it as being one with your space or universe” says Moriteru Uesheba, Aikido master… “It is called ‘mushin’ where movement is spontaneous within a state of nothingness.” This clear state of mind can only be achieved say all the great martial arts masters, through constant daily practice in order to reach the mental and physical conditioning needed. “In the spirit of zen or budo we call this mushin which is an empty mind” says legendary karate grandmaster Hirokazu Kanazawa, 10th Dan…”It is a state of total control and concentration to enable you to arrive at your objective in life, which is the mental attitude you need in your journey to find success.”In this sense, The Empty Mind is not just for martial artists, but for anyone who wishes to improve themselves both spiritually and physically in order to find happiness in their every day life.This is what Robert Young, editor of Black Belt Magazine wrote… “This (The Empty Mind) could be shown on the National Geographic Channel tonight and no one would suspect that it was not a multi-million dollar project helmed by Hollywood heavyweights. On a more personal note, this documentary rekindled my fire for the Asian ways of combat.”

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