Does Empty Mind Films sell movies on DVD?
Movies on DVD
Written by: Emptymind
Jan 12, 2023

Does Empty Mind Films sell movies on DVD? The answer to this is yes, we still have a wide range of our movie documentaries on DVD. But the big question is for how long?

We were prompted to write a post on this topic when a customer asked this question a week ago. Sean from Illinois, a longtime customer and martial arts enthusiast, had an unfortunate experience when his moving company lost his entire Empty Mind DVD collection and Sean approached us to replace it, with the question do we still sell movies on DVD? Unfortunately today, not all our movies are still available on the DVD format, as our business follows the trend to the streaming download format. It’s really you the customer who dictates what format we make available. It appears you really like the ease and portability of buying movies as a digital file that can be viewed on mobile tablets or laptops and your television. Here is a list of movies we currently offer on DVD:

The Island Art of Silat
Fighting Sticks of Arnis
The Immortal path
History of Budo: Part Two
History of Budo: Part One
Warriors of Budo: Episode Five
Warriors of Budo: Episode Four
Warriors of Budo: Episode Three
Warriors of Budo: Episode Two
Warriors of Budo: Episode One
One Shot. One Life (Kyudo)
Art of the Japanese Sword
The Zen Mind
Wing Chun (A Documentary)
Chen Village
Masters of Heaven and Earth
Warriors of China

There are countries that are the exception and still embrace the DVD and are willing to wait for shipping. It’s with some affection and nostalgia that on a trip to Japan, just weeks before Covid closed it’s borders, that I wandered into a bookstore and saw one of our movies, Art of the Japanese Sword, in DVD packaging sitting proudly among the books. Alas, this no longer happens, not even in Japan, which refuses to give up the fax machine and music CD!!

Art of the Japanese Sword

So what is the future for DVD? Sadly it does not look too rosy. We are continuing to stock and even manufacture certain best selling movies on DVD and you can check the formats in our movie store. However rising costs, especially with shipping rates are making this a losing proposition. Our suggestion if you want to complete your DVD library is order sooner rather than later – especially if you are moving home and do not want to suffer the same fate as Sean and lose your collection. So what happened to Sean? He ordered every DVD movie on the list above and in fact duplicated some titles. We helped Sean as much as we could with costs, but sadly, some of our titles are no longer available on DVD. Change they say, is a good thing. But in some cases we are not so sure.