Trailer: A Natural Way
Written by: Emptymind
Aug 13, 2013
With health care costs soaring in the west, looking east to alternative medicine is the answer. In this comprehensive look into traditional medicine we connect India, Tibet and China through the core philosophy of the Five Elements and the common belief that a life-force exists that is vital to sustain a healthy life.

A Natural Way: Exploration of traditional Chinese medicine our story begins in India and the ancient vedic healing practice of Ayurveda, the science of life. You will visit two of India’s most respected Ayurvedic wellness centers where rejuvenation is the key to staying young. With an almost unlimited menu of therapies and herbal oils, they take pampering to a new level. Walk out to a guided tour of the clinics own herb garden as the doctor plucks a leaf from a bush which he calls the “ultimate medicine!” It continues into Tibetan Medicine which shares the same core philosophy as Ayurveda and is found in the theory of the Five Elements, the building blocks of man and the cosmos. Tibetan doctors have made one diagnostic technique into an artform – reading the pulse. It is said they are so good that they can diagnose the disease of a wife or husband, by feeling the pulse of the partner. Our main story concerns traditional Chinese medicine which is rooted in the Tao, the Yin and Yang of opposite forces that keep our body and mind in balance. When sickness or disease occurs the life force or chi is unbalanced or blocked and must be corrected. The is most visible to western eyes in the form of acupuncture, where needles are inserted into the patient’s skin at precise points on the body. If you hate the site of needles you may need to close your eyes! For most people seeking better health, herbs are a simple and cost-effective way to prevent sickness and prolong an active life. We will take you into China’s largest retail pharmacy and see how herbs are prepared and selected. When we see each herb, we ask one question: “Why is this herb prescribed?” and we garantee you will never have heard anything like this before.

Now is the time to take the journey that will lead to better health – A Natural Way.