Update: What Have We Been Doing?
Written by: Emptymind
Oct 18, 2021
UPDATE: What have we been doing? The last 18 months affected everyone, not only Empty Mind Films and so firstly, we hope you are well. Japan, China and South-East Asia has been effectively off-limits since March 2020 and we have not filmed a project since. Many of the training halls and dojo either remain closed are not open for foreign visitors and film crews. Two projects we were shooting two or three years ago were shelved and we hope to release one of them in short format at the end of this year. We are editing at the moment.

Our New Adventure

So what do you do when you cannot travel and film movies for two years? You write books! Yes, we will be publishing several books very soon. Our first book will be titled, Masters of Budo, and features complete, unedited versions of the interview transcripts of all the great martial arts masters we have interviewed in Japan. Each interview is preceded with a behind-the-scenes introduction of how the meeting took place that include some personal anecdotes by us or by the master. Realize that only about 10 percent of an interview appears in a documentary, the remaining 90 percent is not used in the movie, even though it may contain wonderful, insightful information. So almost all the content of our books will be new and never before published, featuring talks about the Masters style, training and philosophy of life in their own words.

Masters of Budo

Masters of Budo will feature over thirty interviews across, Karate, Aikido, Kendo, Judo, Jujutsu and more and be approximately 300 pages. Yes it’s a sizeable book and includes color photographs and interactive parts in the digital version, which will be mobile friendly and part of our Empty Mind phone app. We hope to launch the Empty Mind phone app (Mac & Android) in the Spring of next year. Masters of Budo will be the first release in March. This will be followed in the summer by Masters of Kungfu and Masters of Tai Chi.

One More Thing…

We have one very special book that will be the subject of another post. This book, which we started three years ago is still being written and currently at 700 pages. The final page count will be around 1500 pages and published in a series. Yes, Game of Thrones has a contender! More soon. Thank you, Empty Mind.