Warriors of Budo Artwork (Episode One)

Episode-One: Karatedo

We are finally able to post the cover art for Episode One: Karatedo. Each episode of Warriors of Budo will have a different color theme. This is green. Our latest estimate is for an early October release for the episode one.

A warrior trains his entire life for a moment that may never arrive. As a master of the fighting arts, achieving victory in a fight that may mean death, can be a simple matter. Yet at the highest level, a Warrior of Budo will choose peace instead of conflict.

Sensei Morio Higaonna is a Warrior of Budo. At the age of seventy five, his passion for Karate still shines brightly. Each morning Higaonna walks downstairs to his Okinawa dojo and begins his routine… warm ups and makiwara training followed by Sanchin kata and technique. Each evening he teaches class, leaving students panting for breath and with little strength left when class is over. It is past midnight when Higaonna leaves his dojo to walk back upstairs.

In this episode we take you inside Higaonna’s dojo for an intimate talk about his life and his Karate. In the evening class, we witness the toughest martial arts training we have seen in thirty years documenting Japanese Budo. In his twilight years Higaonna holds nothing back… sharing for the first time, technique and philosophy that display his profound knowledge of Karate. Yet Higaonna still practices with the intensity of a student, saying “I am still green. Waza are endless. The more you train, the more you must pay attention to this. I’m deeply grateful toward my own sensei. Even today I think, thank you sensei !!”

We are proud to choose this documentary as our first episode of Warriors of Budo. In Episode Two we chart the course of modern Karate with Shotokan Karate of the JKA. We also look at the traditional Shotokan of Karatenomichi and the competition style Karate of Kyokushinkai.