Bujin TV Martial Arts Streaming
Written by: Emptymind
Apr 8, 2021

We are pleased to announce we have joined a new Martial Arts streaming service in order to offer our documentary films to their subscribers. Bujin.tv intends to be the leading streaming service for martial arts (MA) fans who wish to discover high quality, selected content, and join the leading platform for instructors and video creators to publish great content.Bujin.tv actively invests in a continuous program of new content production.

Bujin TV Offer to our Customers

We are offering the first month free to our subscribers and customers. This is a $9.99 discount. When you sign up please use the following discount code: EMPTYMIND (Valid for 6 months from today).

Our first Screening is Art of the Japanese Sword

Art of the Japanese Sword is now live and streaming on BujinTV. The trailer is available above. One of our most popular movies, it is a story told in the swordsmiths own words that separate the myth from the fact. Follow the swordsmiths dream of creating a masterpiece, from the quest to making an ancient steel to forging a blade equal to those of the Kamakura, a medieval period that produced the greatest swords in history. For the martial artist the Japanese sword is a precise cutting weapon and symbol of the Samurai. For the collector, it is an art form whose beauty is derived from its deadly function to cut.

It is a fascinating journey that starts with swordsmith Manabe who makes his own steel from an ancient recipe dating back to the 13th century. In this unusually detailed look into the making of the Japanese sword, this documentary “lifts the lid” to reveal dramatic footage with techniques that until now have been the craftsmens best kept secrets. Going beyond films before it Art of the Japanese Sword showcases the polishers, scabbard and metal fitting makers as well the handle wrapping … the most comprehensive movie ever made on the Japanese sword.