The Professor of Budo
Written by: Emptymind
Nov 7, 2013
When we require a knowledgeable voice to talk about Budo, wether in the past or today, we turn to the Professor of Budo… Uozumi Takashi sensei.
Professor Uozumi teaches and researches at the International Budo University (see photo below) and is the director of the Budo and Sports Research Institute. His main field of research is Japanese existential thought and physical culture. He has published many books and papers among them: Miyamoto Musashi – Nihonjin No Michi (iyamoto Musashi – The Japanese Way). He is the leading expert in Japan on Musashi, the famous swordmaster.
We are here at the university to discuss and interview Professor Uozumi for our new project: Budo: Way of Martial Arts. He is lending an authorative voice on Kobudo, Bushido, Bujutsu and modern Budo. Such is his wealth of knowledge that the interview we recorded lasted almost four hours without a single break. He is one of the most fascinating and intelligent specialists in Budo today.