The Book of Five Rings

History of Budo: Samurai

Following from the last topic which mentioned Musashi, one of the most important and well known historical texts on the Japanese Martial Arts is ‘Gorin-no-Sho’ or Book of Five Rings by the swordmaster Miyamoto Musashi. This is a rare copy of the complete five scrolls kept in the office of Japan’s leading expert on Musashi, Professor Uozumi of the Budo University. He has published many books on Musashi including “Teihon Gorin-no-Sho” (The Book of Five Rings, Shin Jinbutsu Oraisha). Photo below shows Uozumi sensei talking with Baptiste Tavernier, our representative at Budo University.



Book of Five Rings

The most well known english translation of the Book of Five rings belongs to William Scott Wilson who also published ’The Lone Samurai’, a biopic detailed account of the Miyamoto Musashi’s life. The photo below of Jon Braeley and William Scott Wilson is at the Kiso valley on the historic Nagasendo highway… one which Musashi himself may have travelled during his days of roaming and challenging other swordmasters to duels.

For a copy of Wilson’s translation go here: Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings.