Written by: Jon Braeley
Mar 23, 2020
These are unusual and extremely difficult times as we live through the Coronavirus pandemic. I am reminded of my mother who lived through the Second World War in the UK, and the stories she told me. Her home was close to the steel works in Sheffield, a city that was an obvious target for bombing by Germany. One night during a heavy air raid her small terraced home took a direct hit and was demolished. She was saved because she was in the coal cellar and rescued a day later. However, the trauma caused a tuma that kept her hospitalized for many months. When she was released from hospital she discovered her two five year old daughters had been moved to the countryside by the authorities. She never saw them again. Her husband never came back from the War. She had lost her entire family.
These are not those times and we should be thankful that most of us will get through the Coronavirus pandemic unscathed. Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones. We may suffer hardship and loss of income but for the most part our life goes on. Yes we have no football games to watch or bars where we can go and meet friends over a pint. The lines stretch outside supermarkets and it’s really annoying to see panic buyers with their carts full of toilet paper and canned food. But we know this will all return to normal. The fear is we do not know when. We hope that we can learn a lesson from this. The water is getting cleaner each day our factories are closed. We we are spending less on gasoline and now many children who live in cities are seeing stars for the first time. So we must stay home to keep safe. If you can, please help local business to survive by shopping near home. We are offering all of our movie downloads and DVD’s at a 20% discount through to April 30th. Just use the coupon code STAYHOME in your shopping cart to get the discount. We wish we could do more but these are very troubling economic times and our film projects are cancelled for this year. As for as my mother? She recovered from the blitz and remarried a few years after the war and had five sons. I am the youngest. Yes that’s me in the photo with my dear mum.