Warriors of Budo: Shorinji Kempo

A film clip taken from Warriors of Budo: Episode seven Shorinji Kempo. In this trailer we hear from Hombu Chief Instructor Tsunehiro Arai of the Shorinji Kempo Federation talk about the main objectives of Shorinji Kempo. “The founder, Kaiso conceived Shorinji Kempo with the objective of people-building. Avoiding the pursuit of winning or thinking about losing”

Special importance is given to paired practice called Kumite-shutai. The partners work closely together to improve their respective techniques. The result is Embu: the peak of cooperation between partners with sequences of techniques that are dynamic, fluid and full of energy. Embu is said to be the embodiment of spiritual cultivation that is likened to prayers. “It is Zen in Motion” says Tsunehiro Arai, “One has to focus and spiritually unite with the opponent”.