Winning National Judo Titles
Written by: Emptymind
Jul 18, 2019

It’s so good to see, many years later, someone you feature in a movie going on to do great things. When we were filming Judo in the Kodokan for Episode Four of Warriors of Budo, we asked the coach who he felt was a rising star and he pointed to Aaron Wolf (Japanese with German father). At the time Aaron was a spotty teenager who told us his dream would be an Olympic bronze medal. We asked him to show us his favorite waza… which is Ouchi-gari (inner reaping throw). Three years later he became 100kg Judo World champion and this week, an All Japan National Champion!

Says Aaron, “Winning the National title gives me the confidence I can compete among the World’s best.” We will see him next in the Tokyo Olympics next year… I think he will get more than bronze…